UPC-MB - Advanced Machine Tool Sensor

UPC-MB Modbus-Enabled Universal Power Cell


Advanced machine tool sensor with variable sensitivity for changing processes or tools, provides valuable information about machine and process performance by monitoring load.

Tool Condition

Optimal Feed Rate

Beginning or End of Multiple Processes

Overloads and Loss of Load

Real-Time Adjustment of HP Full Scale Via Modbus Input

RS-485 Serial Bus Link

Modbus Slave Mode for Input and Output

Full Scale Can Be Set from <5HP to 150HP

Real-Time Response Time Setting from 4ms to 8 Seconds

All the Features from the Load Controls UPC Universal Power Cell

True Power Measurement, Up to 10x More Sensitive than Current Sensors

Fully Self-Contained, Easy to Install with No Current Transformers or Voltage Transformers

Versatile, Works on Both Fixed and Variable Frequency Power, Also Single Phase and DC

Wired Analog Output: 0-10V DC

Up to 600V

Lead Time: 3-5 Business Days

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