IIoT Solutions

IIot Solutions - Application of Load Controls in Networked Industrial Internet of Things

Recent Applications of Load Controls

Some of the most exciting recent applications of load controls are in networked Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments, where our products provide not only motor protection but also insights into the changing processes over time. This insight has been useful in energy management, predictive maintenance and work/output tracking and analysis.

By connecting our sensors and controls to analytics tools, our customers can understand the changing power requirements of motors, one of the largest consumers of energy produced and the largest operating cost in their budgets. This data also provides insight into maintenance needs, potential motor mis-sizing, and other process inefficiencies.

We have worked with a diverse set of networking protocols to fit user needs, including WiFi, Bluetooth BLE, LoRaWAN and cellular communications. Additionally, products such as connected PLCs have been used in the field to connect power sensors to networks for data analysis and workload calculations.