Price List

Universal Power Cells

UPC $690.00

Special Purpose Universal Power Cells

UPC-230 $690.00
UPC-FR Fast Response $690.00
UPC-LB $790.00
UPC-MB RS-485 Modbus Output $790.00
UPC-E Ethernet Output Get Price

Power Cell Power Transducers

PH-3A Power Cell $690.00
PH-1000 Power Cell $990.00
-R Optional Response Adjustment $75.00

Compact Power Transducers

TP-2 Compact Power Sensor $440.00
TP-2 Single Phase $440.00

Fast Response Digital Load Controls

PFR-1550 Single Set Point $535.00
ROC-50 Rate of Change $640.00
PFR-1750 Two Set Points $640.00
CR-150 Single Set Point (Current Sensing) $335.00

Pump Load Controls

PMP-25 Pump Load Control $790.00
PMP-25 Pump Load Control – With Tamper Proof Switch $840.00
PMP-25V – For Variable Frequency Power $590.00
Model UPC Universal Power Cell $690.00
PMP-1701 Pump Load Control $875.00

“V” Series Load Controls

PFR-1550V Single Set Point $335.00
ROC-50V Rate of Change $440.00
PFR-1750V Two Set Points $440.00
UPC-FR Fast Response Universal Power Cell $690.00


PLM Analog Percent Load Meter 0-100% 0-1 Milliamp Input $150.00
PLM-10V 10 Volt DC Input $150.00
PLM-4-20 4-20 Milliamp Input $150.00
DM-100 Digital Load Meter $250.00

Current Transformers

CT-50, CT-60, CT-75, CT-100, CT-150, CT-200, CT-250, CT-300, CT-400, CT-500
Other sizes available on request.

Pricing effective September 30, 2021 and subject to change without notice. Click to download a PDF of our price list.