Pump Protection (Old)

Protect Your Industrial Pumps

Detect & Prevent Costly Pump Damage

Well managed and maintained pumps can enjoy long productive lives, playing important roles in efficient industrial and manufacturing processes. That’s why pump protection through proactive monitoring is important to avoid costly replacement, downtime, cleanup and repairs.

Pump Protection Through Power Monitoring

Power monitoring is a key element of a well-managed pump system. Knowing pump motor power status provides valuable input about flow, pressure and viscosity, process efficiency and the changes to the pumping system over time. This can all be vital data to protecting pumps from dangerous and harmful conditions and optimizing processes. Proactive monitoring of pumps assists in:

Motor Overload Protection

Dry Run Protection

Cavitation Protection

Jam and Clog Protection

Load Controls – Your Pump Protection System

Our Load Controls pump protectors help maintain an efficient process for your valuable pumps! Protect all pump types with an electric motor including magnetic drive pumps, centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, less than 1HP to over 1000HP, and fixed or variable frequency drives. Our Load Controls:

Offer flexible installation options.

Have power sensors that measure instantaneous pump status.

Are easily programmable.

Cost less and require less maintenance than flow sensors.

Are 10X more sensitive than current sensing.

Leverage power data for predictive maintenance and energy management.

Connect with the Pump Professionals!

Our pump protectors are part of the industry’s most complete line of motor power sensors, and they are installed at 18 of the world’s 20 largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Find out why—contact us today!

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