Why Load Controls?

At Load Controls, we offer the industry’s most complete line of motor load controls. Since 1984, our focus on power sensing applications across electric motors of all sizes allows us to offer a broad range of solutions with the industry experience to ensure your deployment goes smoothly.

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Load Controls offers a full family of motor power controls and sensors. For many applications, such as machine tool monitoring, a fast response load control is the right solution. For other processing applications, such as mixing and pumping, a slower average response is preferable. Controls with single or multiple set points can provide motor and pump control, and various outputs, such as 0-10V, 4-20mA and Modbus are available. All of our products have been proven in the world’s most demanding industrial environments and are completely made in the USA.

Pump Load Controls, Universal Power Cells, Model TP-2 - Electric Motor Monitoring with Sensors


Monitoring the load on a motor that is driving a machine, pump, or process can give you valuable information about changes going on inside that process. On a mixer or agitator, for example, as the viscosity increases, it will take more power to stir the mixture. When cutting metal, it takes more power to make a cut as the tool gets dull. And when a pump runs dry, the load drops off sharply. A power sensor can measure these load changes and control the motor, or send a signal to meters, programmable controllers and other data collection systems.

Industries & Applications - Electric Motor Monitoring Devices for Food and Beverage Industry

Industries & Applications

Because electric motors play such a broad role across industries, our load controls are found in many diverse applications. From protecting pumps in process manufacturing industries, motor optimization and tool monitoring in machine tool operations, to electronic shear pin functions for highly geared motors in waste treatment, to viscosity measurement in food and beverage, power sensing plays important protection and optimization roles.